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Collaboration between business schools across the Fehmarn Belt 2016-2019

The opening of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link creates new opportunities of co-operation between German and Danish educational institutions and companies in this region. This brings with it both economic and social challenges. Despite the geographical closeness of the two countries resentments still exist together a lack of interest and a certain insecurity when dealing with each other. This should be changed into natural contact both in business and culture.


The main aim of this project is that the young people of this region come to recognize it as one area both in culture and in business and learn to be part of it. The project will convey intercultural competence and knowledge about entrepreneurship in Europe. These competences form the essential basis for the achievement of the project´s goal.


It is paramount to dismantle language barriers, to increase the interest in the other country and to enhance the knowledge about entrepreneurship in the other country. The project´s participants will profit from this, because they will work together with other young people throughout the project.

On the other hand the Fehmarn Belt region will be strengthened, because the participants will be able to cope with the demands of the trade across the border between the two countries. Mobility and dismantling the language barrier will be priorities of the project. The limited number of participants in the project shall work as a multiplier and positive experiences and attitudes will be transmitted to friends, family and other students.

To achieve this goal the students will establish their own company both in Germany and Denmark. Close co-operation is necessary to create this product. Only a direct, permanent and structured contact between the young people will strengthen the region. This intercultural competence cannot be taught in class alone, personal contact is essential.

Learning the partner´s language and to tolerate and understand each other are necessary to  unify the Fehmarn Belt region.

This project is innovative, because it simulates trade across borders. All the project´s results will be sustainable and effective.